Why do Bed Sheets matter?

We all love coming back home to curl up and tuck into that cozy bed after a tiring day at work. As a matter of fact, one-third of a person’s life is spent in bed. So we must choose the right bedsheet that can give us a comfortable sleep. This brings us to the next question. There are a lot of beautiful home décor brands out there but how do you pick the best one? Yes, it’s a tough call and that’s why we are here to help you.

Why choose Décor Diary by Minisha?

Décor Diary by Minisha offers a wide variety of choices in the bedding section, which only a handful of home décor brands provide. Not only are there different types of bedsheets, but they also come in different colors, prints, and sizes. We offer customization too. The bedsheet variants and jargon can be a bit confusing to those who are new to this but knowing them can help you choose the perfect one for your bed. Now, let’s take a look at the categories that we provide and their characteristics:

  • Cotton - It is the most common and popular category among bed sheets for various reasons. It is easy to wash, breathable, and softens over time. They also maintain a comfortable body temperature and are durable. Under cotton, we provide Jaipur Cotton and Khadi cotton.

  • Jaipur Cotton –Mulmul and Ajrakh falls under Jaipur Cotton. Mulmul Cotton fabric is very soft, lightweight, and breathable. It is the best choice for the Indian climate as it quickly absorbs moisture. 

  • Ajrakh cotton is widely known for its handcrafted block-printing technique. The fabric is made after a sixteen-step process of washing, dyeing, printing, and drying. The natural dyes used in Ajrakh give it the unique ability to expand pores of the fabric during summers and vice versa during winters. So, it is a bedsheet that can be used throughout the year.

    Both these fabrics are very long-lasting and available in hand block and machine prints.

  • Khadi Cotton – Khadi fabric (Khaddar) is a hand-woven natural fiber that has a rugged texture and is apt for summer. We purchase these from nearby localities, thereby promoting the local weavers. The fabric is available in different variants from Kantha to Block print and is comparatively easier to maintain. They can be hand washed.

  • English Florals – These are known for their pretty floral patterns and mostly come in soft pastel tones adding a classic touch to your bedroom. English Florals are suitable for those who love Western-themed fabric and sophisticated designs.
  •                We have bedsheets and comforters in English Floral designs.

  • Applique – It is a patchwork technique that involves stitching a small piece of clothing onto a large fabric in different shapes and sizes. It can be used to create motifs and embellishments in bedsheets, quilts, comforters, cushions, and more. Our applique work bedsheets are widely preferred by customers for christening functions because of their elegant look and high quality. However, it is recommended to hand wash applique bedsheets using cold water so that it lasts longer.

  • Embroidery – We have a wide collection of satin and cotton hand-embroidered bedsheets. It is the perfect option if you are looking to add some color and stylish designs to your bedroom. They are available in refreshing colors and patterns. Check out our Lace and Crochet bedding collection for intricately hand-woven patterns and designs.

  • Kids’ Prints – Choosing the perfect linen when it comes to kids’ bedding is a difficult choice. Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Kids will love our cute, colorful, and cartoon themed bedsheets.  We provide some cute prints like teddy bear, ice cream, dinosaur, and more. It will not only keep them comfortable and cozy but will also match their sense of style.

  • Apart from these, if you require bed linen customization in any color and print, do reach out to us. We are here to help you.